Hit Myself, Other Character Receives Hit Event (Multiplayer)

I have a little understanding of Replication, but I am not sure how one has 2 players on a level. Then creates Hit Events in MyCharacter blueprint so only one character receives the event hit.

Right now, when placing my Hit Event in MyCharacter Blueprint, when I hit myself it moves the other player as if he was hit by the bullet. I tried using Ignore Actors When moving, but does not work for me. Also, tried putting bullets in front of actor, but this will not work because if close to other actor it spawns past the player 2, avoiding a hit.

Any help would be appreciated on correct ways of setting up 2 players and hit events.

I believe I found a decent solution for setting up multiplayer. I was having issues with knowing who was Player 1 and who was Player 2 so I could not identify hit events. I believe this setup may help… it is a blueprint process of how I did it in 3 steps.

Blueprint 3 - Step Process In Setting Up Multiplayer Game To Tag Players/Hit Events