Hit location delay of line trace function

Hello, i have a problem with line trace hit resuilt from my pawn blueprint, i put on level some copies of my pawn, and gave them speed. i need correct hit resuilt from all pawns. project file in attachment (https://yadi.sk/d/-ZhfHC8E3NfqVE). Sorry for my english.

Hello, What do you want to achive with those linetrace ?

I also have this problem, really need to solve it. I have tank tracks motion with line trace.

What are trying to do? Why line trace back along the X axis?

For example, i have wheels, that i need to control. I won’t use colliders, 'cause they’re more expensive, and i’ll load too much unneccessarry stuff. I need exactly line tracing. I’ve heard about projectiles, but has it Capsule tracing? And if not - how can i fix this delay?