Hit Event Not firing (Skeletal Mesh)

I Got a Character where i attach to a Socket a BlueprintActor with a Skeletal mesh attached
now when i whack something with the attached Blueprint the Hit event doesnt get Fired
Collision Settings of the attached actor http://puu.sh/l7YT8/b0c42e0617.png
Example where the attached actor does not fire the Hit Event: http://puu.sh/l7Z2Q/9638264d9b.jpg

Did you check your attached Actor, in your case the sword, have any collision? Also, check your collision setting, both the the attached BlueprintActor and object you want to hit. Also, as in this post Collision Bug on Child Component - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums, child collision may not be applied at all, so you may use other solution such as overlap event.

The Sword itself works fine when the other character is ragdolled or when i hit the ground
I also found out that it only runs hit events on a Pawn when i hit him under his Belly (the pawn has a capsule collision on block all (tried overlap all aswell same problem)
also the Overlap event wouldnt be great as i need all params from the hit event which u dont get from overlap

any ideas ? i may gonna make a video to show better the problem

edit: also I move the sword by moving the hand bone over animation blueprint

Edit: image of the collisions

My suggest is that you put a break point on the hit event and check out every component involved, because i think it is your Pawn that is the problem, the hit event only fired when hit under the skeletal mesh belly maybe a clue.