Hit don't register with skeletal mesh


As a preface, i am very new to UE4 and currently learning mostly from scratch, i started about 3 weeks ago.

I am currently creating a VR sword game using the infinity blade assets. I started by using the FPS template and slowly added some pickup and teleport mechanics.
So the issue is that after picking up my blade with motion controller, i can successfully hit other objects with Physics On (i also added a physic model to the blades, which are skeletal meshes). I created a simple destructible cube but hitting it with the sword makes it only fly away, the onComponentHit does not trigger. It does trigger however when i run on the cube (i also have no idea why this happens).

One of my assumption is that the event may not trigger because i am disabling simulate physics on the sword when i pick it up (if i dont, the sword stay kind of stuck and i cannot move it … couldn’t solve that issue either :frowning: )

I am really at loss as to how to fix the problem, I tried different things for a week and am completely stuck now.