HISMs with multiple different Static Meshes

Any LOD, HISM experts?
Trying to get HISMs working for a crowd scene using multiple static mesh characters(each driven by VAT )
But with a single HISM component you can only choose a single Static Mesh to be instanced.
How do you get HISM’s to work with multiple different Static Meshes?

Thanks for the reply. In my case I want to have multiple different static meshes working with HISM at the same time. Think of a large crowd where you need many different characters.

I have exactly this in one of my BP utils. You basically have this sort of arrangement

( just the red nodes are of interest ). You basically have loops running and you can change the static mesh associated with the HISM use the SetStaticMesh node.

Ok thanks. So you could basically run this in your Construction Script to populate your scene with different objects? I don’t suppose you could share the entire graph?

That’s exactly what the code is…

I used it to make a whole planet covered in rocks and foliage. All HISM.

Here. This is the empty level:

I press the ‘place’ button ( it’s all construction script ):

Press play ( sorry it all in bits, AH is playing up ):


Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve attached the script as a txt file. Just open, select all, copy, paste into a BP

link text

It’s quite involved, not because the central concept is, but just because I’ve spent ages tuning it ( adding and remove meshes, scaling etc ).

The main idea is you just have one HISM for each mesh you want to ‘plant’, then just add instances of it…