HISM instances disappear on packaged project

The HISM instances work great on the editor and standalone game but after I package the project the instances disappear when I move closer. The HISM only seems to show LOD 2 while 0 and 1 are invisible. The far away LOD 2 instances also disappear when moving closer to the object but when viewed from distance, all LOD 2 objects are visible.

It’s impossible to use ISMs for this because they can’t handle LOD so I’m left with spawning thousands of static meshes.

Me too …???

I have solved this by Clear Instances at Event BeginPlay and adding them again. Just make a function that starts with Clear Instances and add the instances. This way you can use the function in construction script for previewing and then again on event graph.

Wow, this is exactly what is happening to me, did you figure it out???

I created this question also on answer HUB: