Hight texture Bombing red chanel

Like in picture, Landscape material is empty if i not use red chanel, so i try take this red chanel from Texture Bobing but not working why?

The fact the output image you get is red means its working. Not working would be showing as black or giving you a compile error.

That said, the texture you are using doesn’t seem made for bombing, so I’m not sure what you are going for.

yoyo, it’d help if you showed more of the material graph…and describe what you are trying to do a bit further, please?

sorry I not precise, This is Material Function inside is All textures (Albedo, Roughtness, Normal, and Hight and every texture have this bombing function) This function connect to Landscape Material, I used bombing to make seamless landscape and want use red chanel from Hight becouse if I connect RGB (Hight texture) output to material landscape something is wrong and not showing textures

Is the height texture black & white?

yes is black and white

It’s some incompatibility in the material function, I think. I see it’s a Quixel Megascans master material with the default textures replaced by different ones, and it appears nodes were added to it which aren’t connected. When opening the height texture in the texture editor, is the setting for sRGB enabled? If so, try disabling it.

sRGB is Disable, I just want from Texture Bombing extract only red chanel and everything will be working, I am not sure how this texture bombing works

A height map shouldn’t require having to extract only from the red channel. It works with the RGB pin if it’s a b/w map by maintaining the greyscale. I don’t understand how texture bombing would be different except that a 2D texture is required to be plugged in. Is there an error displaying when connecting via the RGB output pin? If not, what happens?

It could be the texture bombing node is not made for connecting to tesselation displacing nodes. Or it needs some specific setting(s) to work.

Easy to tell. Plug the output of the function you created right into base color, disconnect all other pins, and compile… if you get a result, also add it to the displacement and compile.

Additionally try Mask R rather than break out float 3. They do the same thing inside, but who knows…

I try nothing work, like I said Landscape Material is empty if I use Texture Bombing Displacement Map Texture I dont know It is bug or texture bombing work ony without Displacement and Tesselation. So maybe you know some trick how randomize textures? but without using LERP noise map becouse it change colour my quixel textures

If you use a Frac node before you get to the lerp you should be able to isolate hard areas only.
Here’s a video you can try.

thx i didnt see that yet