Highgate Cemetary London

I was wondering a very neat project, I thought of doing if I could know its complete Layout of the entire cemetary, as I don’t, not much a way of map layouts and where to put every grave and tombs, but I don’t know if the UE4.24 map would take the size. Now it would be the most freightning horror project I just came up with, would all need to be in complete photorealism, ive seen the cemetary packages, the pictures of some of the tombs morsaleams I don’t remember seeing those but I have seen tombs do match the ones in Highgate cemetary, the skinny one with the sealed doors, as over time as I am purchasing workstation high end pc parts, I need to do researching, also Ghost spirit asset, not that great at the moment, Ghost assets needs to go photorealism, maybe need a camera, go to a Haunted location, try to find a actuall Ghost ask the ghost if can take a photogrammetry 36 photos of some Ghosts, Ametyville house should get some wild shots of some nasty ghosts.