High Resolution Still Image Production Methods Survey

I’d like to understand the range of methods y’all are using for production of *still *images. After trial and error, it seems the best setup I’ve found is the Cine Camera Actor as the viewer in play mode with the Post Process>Misc>Screen Percentage to 200. Then ~highreshot in game. I used Blueprint to set the Cine Camera Actor as the player start view per Unreal’s documentation.

I’ve tried the Ansel plugin and don’t find it better than the above method for still shots, but may look at it closer based on responses. Thanks.

i use ansel because you can take larger images than high res can, with high res, you are hard limited by the amount of vram you have and once you hit that wall it will just straight up crash the engine. ansel saves many smaller images and then stitches them all together. you can also use it to capture 360 panoramas, that are useful for importing into other apps and using for lighting when creating assets and that saves countless amounts of time getting those assets just right without having to export/reimport just because it looked great in substance but doesnt look so nice with the lighting of your ue4 environment.