High Resolution Screenshot is blurry (and not sharp like the viewport)

Hi there,
I was doing a first “Render” today with a high resolution screenshot
(after following detailed tutorials about setting up raytracing, cinecamera and so on)

Now it turns out, that the render is blurry!
I have set the manual focus exactly on the test object (from megascans a rock) and also the f-stop is at 22 to be sure.

I have attached a screenshot from the unreal viewport with the same camera when going close to the rock.
And the rendering, which is with a specified region. (The full image would be 6000px in width.)

Obviously the rock becomes unsharp. Also I have disabled all chromatic aberration and height fog, just to make sure that they aren’t the reason. There is also no movement or motion blur, the mesh was loaded only with LOD0, so I have no explanation.

What could be the reason and how can I get sharp renderings? I’m sure this blurriness is not the standard.

Sadly the highres screenshot function got a bit neglected. It could be very usefull for a lot of people but its sort of broken. I dont have a solution to your problem but maybe try using the movie render queue or checkout nvidia ansel. =)

Can confirm this is still broken as of April 10th 2023 … will look into movie render queue thanks for the tip!

Confirming as well, that one is still broken. Looking into movie render queue. Thanks!