High Resolution Screenshot - Depth as Mask During Play


I’m running the following command during play: “HighResShot 512x512 50 50 0 0 1 1 0”

This is to provide the HRSST with these parameters:

ResolutionX(int32)xResolutionY(int32) Or Magnification(float) [CaptureRegionX(int32) CaptureRegionY(int32) CaptureRegionWidth(int32) CaptureRegionHeight(int32) MaskEnabled(int32) DumpBufferVisualizationTargets(int32) CaptureHDR(int32)]

However, despite enabling the mask, I am not receiving an image with an alpha channel using the depth as a mask as I would expect. I only receive .PNGs which have no alpha channel. If I try enabling HDR capture, the editor crashes.

I can use one of the other passes such as specular as an alpha, but I’d rather have it included in a single image in the alpha channel.

Any advice would be appreciated.


i wonder if this works for you :o

Sorry. If what works for me?

Edit: Oh, it’s a bot. Lucky for me, bots are great at taking screenshots!

Maybe it doesn’t have to be through the high resolution screenshot tool. All I need is a render of an object from the game, with the silhouette of the actor in the alpha channel. The regular screenshot tool would be fine for this if there was some way to include the depth in the alpha.

I know a render target camera includes the depth as the alpha when you pass its output to the material editor. If only there was a way to export a frame of the capture as an RGBA image.

You can use scenecapture2d for need to play around with its postprocessing settings to have a 1 to 1 match since its a bit off by default.

Thanks for your response.

I’ve just tried every way I could to get the ExportRenderTarget node to export the image from a scene capture 2D but to no avail. It doesn’t seem to export anything.

Has anyone else had difficulty with this node? I’m working on macOS.

If i recall it right, there are one or two nodes which are editor only, so they won’t work on runtime/play.
Actually to save the image/RenderTarget to disk you need a little bit of C++.

Please help me to solve this