High Res Screenshot at temporary Epic scalability


I’m trying to take a high res screenshot at epic [3] quality, regardless of the current scalability setting of the game, which might be low.

See the blueprint below, which upon trigger is supposed to store the current scalability in an integar variable, ramp it up to epic, take a highresshot, then reset to the original scalability stored at the start in the variable.

The problem is, it takes the screenshot as expected, but not at epic quality, just the current scalability, which is what is does by default anyway.

I’m stumped, please help.

Really? No one can answer this?

Any Clues at all?

Suspect UE4 is defaulting to using ‘fixed’ Editor / INI settings for Console Commands.
Just wondering if you’ve packaged up the game and found the same thing happens???

I would try something a bit different in the console command line. Instead of highres. i would input. r.setRes 4096x4096 Im not sure how high you can go, or if you can change your dpi settings in the editor preferences. I played with this one time, and connected it to my hud widget, and it made my hud inflate to invisible. It was nice mistake because it instantly added hudless feature for me. lol. Also If your just trying to take a screenshot you press f11 to go to full screen editor view, and then f9 to take screenshot as in a photo for your level.

Sounds like the OP needs this working all programmatically though. Something else to try:
If Console r.commands are used to change Scalability solely, does HighResShot work then?

This was being overthought. By me also. I simply created a button in widget, and hud on clicked button.
I used a single execute console command, and it took a very clear shot without the hud.
It saved it in my unreal project/screenshots folder at the size specified.
I simply used 2 execute console commands. sg.ResolutionQuality 2560x1440 and HighResShot 2560x1440
I closed, and restarted the project, and this worked from play in new editor window.
My screen went from low quality, and low res. to high quality. I didnt dump the command. It stayed that quality. It’s a nice addition to any game.


forgot to add this. tested at lowest resolution settings ramped to high.