High res screen shot not working in packaged build

Hello, high res screen shot work perfectly well when I run my application in unreal editor but when I run in a packaged build they don’t seem to work.

Hey there, are you using Execute Console Command "HighResShot " ?

No, I’m using GetViewPortScreenShot that is in UGameViewportClient::ProcessScreenShots.

Try doing the HighResShot command to see if that works for you. The syntax is:

HighResShot <multiplier>

How would I do that whilst running a packaged build? I don’t think that would help me unless I’m misunderstanding something. My application currently takes screen shots at predetermined times, I just need it to work in packaged builds.

Ah do you use the screenshots for ingame?

Yes. We use the GetViewPortScreenShot() function to extract screen shots at run time.