High res screen shot and matinee video capture...Am I missing something?

Sup guys! Some things I must not do correctly because I can’t make a video capture of my scene or a screenshot that look decent…

When I play my level, it looks good tho and the performance is okay. My screenshot, even upscaled to 3,4 or 5, looks ugly, full of jagged edges, noise…etc (I always simulate, snap view to camera, turn off real time before taking a screenshot)

I made a fly-through of my level and I captured it with the matinee tool. It’s blurry, seems to miss AA, etc… Is there away to do a high quality capture in both cases? I tried 720 and 1080 resolution. On 1080, even tho I set it to 30 fps, i’m not getting it (gtx 670)…is there a way to record/capture at slower rate so you can be sure to have your 30 fps in the end? Don’t care if it takes 1 min per frame!

My scene currently use LPV as illumination.


How have you made your screenshot? With the HighResShot 3840x2160 console command you can create pretty awesome screenshots :slight_smile:


I’m using the high resolution screenshot in the editor…

Highres screenshot usually gives me problems with bloom, and messes up the reflection capture reflections. They said they were going to improve it soon, if i’m remembering correctly.

Have you tried dumpmovie?

DUMPMOVIE_TILEDSHOT: Dump rendered frames to files using the specified resolution multiplier. Uses tiled shots for high resolution frames (e.g. DUMPMOVIE_TILEDSHOT=4).

Hi Ladyhawke,

EDIT: I just noticed your question on AnswerHub and realized the following is not what you are looking for sorry… I will keep it here in case it helps someone else though.

They get saved to your project folder, specifically under “\Project_Name\Saved\Screenshots”

In order for them to show up you need to enter a screen size, if you just type “HighResShot” no screenshot will be captured (which is why I had to double check…)

Just copy/paste this into the console:

HighResShot 3840x2160

and it should show a popup confirming the shot was taken. :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to get “DUMPMOVIE_TILEDSHOT=4” to take a screenshot though, @Jake Martin can you add any info here?

try to use jpeg image sequance not avi and then take all the jpeg to aftereffect :slight_smile:

I’m using nvidia shadowplay. I launch the game in 2k or 4k on my 1080p monitor so it’s razor sharp and then shadowplay record in 60fps in h.264 format. Buttery smooth! I have a GTX 980 to do that.

Is it possible to capture the other buffers using any of these techniques? What i really want is to output the final image and the depth channel to seperate avi’s/image sequences. (in realtime, like matinee)

What would be great for me is to output a huge size version of the buffer visualisation > overview mode, only i’d want the center image to be non-occluded if you see what I mean. Then i could set up post processing in after effects or something.

Still no solution for a better quality screenshot output from UE4? bump!!!

What I do is high res shot 6-7 or 8 and downscale in photoshop to 1920x1080 or even lower so it look good!

Or… play it in 4k and press print screen.