High Quality World Environments

Hi Guys,

Ive been building an asset pack for full world environments, 15 types of maps per World level deisgn + final combined photoshop files and mask’s for editing for how you want it, Plus Blender scene file setup for Cycles path tracing ready for light map baking, Texture baking, and high end rendering. Also with fully tillable versions. Here’s a quick example before i added vegetation, tree’s, rocks ,roads etc, raw render and Post pro render versions:

Right click the images and open in new tab for FULL resolution

example is 1 tileable map with 2x2 tileing just to show it’s seamless

http://www.badlamagames.com/Images/LandscapeTilePPHighPoly .jpg

http://www.badlamagames.com/Images/LandscapeTileHighPoly .jpg


Realy cool! Unbelievable!
Can you show shader?

Sorry if i didn’t make it clear, These are test renders from Blender3D Cycles renderer. I don’t see the point building levels for UE4 as an asset pack because the whole idea is you get 100 different maps (height,3 types of colour, Winter, All the masks etc etc so people can mix and match maps for what they want. For example in Blender you could use a world file like ive shown but also bring in another world file you like, add another displace modifier to an area of the map with second colour map masked to that area to come up with something brand new and completely different. Blender also has scult and paint tools, so you might like a certain section of a map but not another, just use the paint tools to clone that area you like and paint onto the area you don’t.

You could mix sandy maps with plush grass maps, even could add some snow to the peaks of certain mountains if you liked. It’s all about you using the 100 separate world environments with the asset pack ill be selling to get something unique quickly from the base setups. way you can guarantee no one else will have the same map designs and looks as you (because all the masks are available you can change the mud colours/Grass//Water to get something you like. Then you can just bake out the new combined colour maps from Blender for you terrain + Height, Masks etc ready for UE4.

I have the same map as above running in UE4 with my own custom shader setup but wasn’t planning on including in the map pack, but coming to think of it ill probably just include 1 test UE4 terrain map with my shader setup attached so people can learn how i do it and adapt for their own uses.


Just Another quick example to be included in the Asset pack for people:




verry beautiful and so realistic just amazing guy

Thanks mate :slight_smile: , I spent about 4 days going through google earth satellite images to try to learn how to mimic ****** nature. Same with any Art work, Composition is key. You need to learn the subject until you feel you understand enough how nature does it, Then it becomes second nature. I use the same techniques when modelling and sculpting characters. Ill be releasing the Asset pack SOON with about 100 landscapes. Rocky mountains, Plush grasslands, Sandy deserts, Martian surfaces. Idea is were all Indies on here so going to only be about $30 dollars for 100 scene’s (with all maps, Phtotoshop final composite file, Blender scene file (so you can edit and bake your own mixtures to end up with a random result that no one else will have. Id love to give things away for free (have done in the past) but im about £7000 in debt on credit cards trying to survive right now and desperately need income A) so i have somewhere to live B) to help fund the game projects im working on. Idea being $30 is dead cheap, so can afford the pack, but to sell large quantities.

Thanks for the Nice comment, Appreciated.


yes it’s true 30dollar for such a result is really cheap hope you’ll gain the money you need and i really can’t wait to see your other works

Subbing to thread so I know when it’s ready, and I’ll be picking it up right away! The game I’m working on is going to be more than 50% “community” contributions and UE4 demo assets and I’ve been fighting with getting my own large landscape going. Can’t wait!

Wow really nice looking terrain! Can’t wait to buy/see that in game!

Cheers, All the encouragement i get just means better assets for all. Sorry but wont be any examples for the next week or so for in UE4 results as the reason I started these terrains was for my own use. But getting close to project 2 out of 5 ( High speed racer) being shown for feedback from the community. Aiming for 5 projects with 24 months is a push, but what’s the point aiming for anything that doesn’t take that little bit more. :slight_smile:


King, I may have to commission you to make me some mountain and hill hex tiles… :slight_smile:

Looks like your on your own mission brother (map Generator) have to say i Havant seen it yet. Hard to work out if your joking or need a Badgers hand. If you want my skills lad im more than willing but your have to get the cheque book out. :slight_smile:

PS. your map generator has me interested, have to take a look.

Just had a look at your thread, remember seeing a week or so back. What’s the plan with this? have to say when i first saw it i ignored it thinking it was for some kinda vector game like Minecraft, but the shapes your tools create is actually common in nature. Honey bee’s hives, Rock formations from Lava eruptions on coastal regions in scotland. Interested, Have to take a closer look.


Very good details, cant wait for the market to open and see amazing stuff like available for us to use.

What I meant was, I need some nice, realistic looking mountains and hills with hex shaped bases so I can generate them into my map. As you can see my mountains currently consist of some random hex-based cone shapes I made in a couple minutes with the brush tool.

Actually, what you have is probably way higher quality than what I would actually need. My hexes are just 115 by 100 unreal units across, and will generally be viewed top-down/isometric and from a distance.

Either way, I am not really at a point where I am ready to start buying assets unless they are reasonably cheap, so really I will just keep you in mind for when I need to shop around for assets. :slight_smile:

Few Moew:







Enjoy :slight_smile:


Those worlds look great like vistas!
My question is what kind of gameplay you think would be most appropriate on these maps?
I don’t see the necessary level design for an FPS, and I don’t see the kinds of structures I’d expect for an RTS or RPG to make sense.

Hi, Cheers for the nice words. The terrains are for what ever you need them for, The final asset pack will be a mix of large scale environments, aslo terrains for as small an area as 1x1 km. They could be used for a tank game/Racing game, Flight game, RPG, massive multi player online, But theirs no reason not to be used in a FPS. Believe it or not battles don’t just happen in urban built up areas. Could be used as back ground images/Back ground baked mesh’s for far distances. there’s nothing really they could nt be used for, it’s all about the end users blending parts of different maps to get exactly what they need.


what kind of time frame are you looking at for a release on these?

Well, Ive been building these for 6-7 weeks (have last count about 260 environments with raw maps), but have to go through each setup and build the composite photoshop final versions, Then Build the Blender 3D Cycles path tracer versions. At point i have 42 complete sets (Blender file, Photoshop file, Masks which ive also turned 17 into tileable versions as well (so coming to think of it you wont just get 100 assets but a shed load more as for quarter of all those maps ive also hand transformed into tillable versions as well).

I reckon i should be able to get the first asset pack done within 1-2 weeks, but no idea when epics asset market will be working so may have to be from another seller until epic get sorted. Ive had people message me saying im selling far to high quality, far too high quantity for the price, so the $30-$35 dollar offer may only be for UE4 (im all about the community, selling cheap to you guys is no probs but have maybe T&C’s for if only purchased through Epics market place. If purchased on another site for say high end rendering, Movie company’s etc the price might be a bit higher say $50. Lets face it they have the money, it’s still a great deal for 100 hand crafted photoreal environments. Im just trying my best to help the Indies out like me, Especially the one’s that don’t have funds to spend needlessly.)

Also keep in mind all if you want custom assets just for you, Im more than willing to do Freelance work, NDA’s no problem.


Im not sure about the rules of selling world machine terrians