High Quality World Environments

Fantastic terrain work KingBadger3D!

And that Llama cracks me up every time I see it.

Cheers Sean, Also thatnks for pointing out ive spelt Llama wrong (aghhhhhhhhh). Now the questions is if it’s a big enough mistake to bother changing my logo and buying the new domain name :o

Feed back please guys as to if i should bother changing the name from BadLamaGames to BadLlamaGames ?

Sean ill keep posting new versions (have about 270 in converting over), but it’s a shed load of work. Hey by the way im available for contract feelance work if Epics interested? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes as far as im aware you can sell content from world machine if you have the paid for version (also world machine is only 1 of 3 tools i use for terrain creation and custom map design.

Hah, I think “Bad Lama” is better with the typo. It actually give the who company name a lot more character since it was a genuine mistake as well.

Agreed… Bad Lama works… well played changing “whole” to “who” in your response as well Alex :slight_smile:

Wow, outstanding work! I’ll also subscribe for knowing when I can buy this sh*t :wink:
No, seriously, it looks great and I do need suitable landscapes. At the moment particularly a nice desert landscape :wink:

Uhhh… Yeah, I’m clever and not just really typo prone :cool:

Few more: Only 16 more grass/Mountains/Rock version left to convert over, then can get onto the Desert versions (My eye’s hurt) :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry was updating my server a while back and deleated 2 weeks of work by accident :frowning: , Hence a lot of images have dissapeared from the thread

what bout licences? when people pay will they be royalty free? do they need to reference you in their credits? pay per release? allowed to use on multiple projects? creative freedom? etc etc etc.

Hi Aneko, License will be use for what ever you want, You don’t have to give me credit if you don’t want too, Royalty free. Only T&C will be no resale of my maps. Cheers KB

The transistions between the greenish mountains and the sand (?) areas seem a little weird… Can you improve that?
Looking forward to the desert environments :smiley: :smiley: :cool:

EDIT: Or is this supposed to be water?

Hi, Yeah these islands are supposed to be surrounded in ocean water, that’s why there are beaches. Not added water because it will just slow down the test renders. Also these test renders are not meant to be final photo real images, there just getting an idea of how shadows work with the maps, very basic shader setup just diffuse brdf with a rubbish tillable rock texture that blends with the colour map. Ill do a high quality render at some stage but right now it would be a waste of time. Cheers

Hey KingBadger? How much would you charge for a 3 Mile Island with flat beaches but gets hiller closer to the northern side and then a really huge dead Volcano?

Any progress to this project? Been quit for awhile now.

Yeah Sorry Guys been working my *** off to get these done, Had a setback week or two back when updating my server and accidently overwrote 20 terrain and renders :(.

Reason it’s been quite on the front is Warren Epics content curator approached me to sell these assets terrain packs direct on Epics market place when it goes live, Having to split the terrains into groups like deserts, grasslands, rocky mountains, Islands etc to keep pack size down. 95% done now, now just pimping the UE4 shader setups, lighting etc.

Done a quick little vid of one of the desert terrain in UE4 (only low res size, and preview build lighting quality for now as anything larger crashes lightmass for me as i only have 4gb ram. Got some more ram coming but may be few days)

Ill be burning the terrain packs to disk and sending to Epic HQ (as file size is 45GB uncompressed, 15GB winrared). At which point it’s upto the epic boys & Girls for time scale on launch.

Cheers KB

This look soooo good! You’re doing a great job! :slight_smile:

Looks great, although I’d expect something different from a desert landscape…
Right now it looks like the “normal” ones but with a yellow color; having all the erosion structures and so on… But, acutally, I’d expect more “sandy” structures, more dunes and so on… Just check google images or any other image source^^

Hi Hackmet,

Yeah one of the types of desert people had asked me for was pre vegatative deserts (e.g they used to have life and water, A good chunk of desert on earth are pre vegatative and over the next few thousand years when the poles shift the weather patterns do to, Lots of african deserts will become plush grasslands again. Lots of deserts are basicly shaped in the past that geologicly are no different from life bound terrain, one just has sand, the other doesnt. Also someone specificly asked to be able to use grassy and deserts textures on the same terrain (the guy wants to add some material effect to be able to disolve realtime from one type to the other for some effects work

Ive been studying images from Google earth for a while:

The kind of desert your thinking of is like these:

But as you can see from airial view, Their Boaring but i will be doing a few tilable sandy deserts like the image for use perposes mixed with other desert types

This type of desert is volcanic, your typical terraced region, im currently working on some of these as well, their will be a good mix of types as the end result is supposed to be a mixture of the maps to get specificly what the end users wants.

I would just like to say that this is really amazing! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Cheers, I think i should keep reminding people these test renders are not what this is all about. The asset pack will include all the files but is based around video tutorials as well. Showing start to finish how to use these starter maps to create something completly different. Im going to put up a trailer video for the asset pack/Tutorial series to explain better

Few more being catorgorised for the release:

Hey, thanks four your response.

OK, I can accept this. But can you pleeeaaase do one really stereotype-desert-with soft-dunes-ish looking environment? :wink: This would be just awesome!