High Quality Terrain Asset Pack & Tutorial Series

These are the updated PDF’s of the Terrain packs. Dated: 19th September 2015

Ocean Islands Terrain Pack Vol.1 Preview shots PDF: [Ocean Islands PDF]( Ocean Islands Vol 1.pdf)

Terrain Grassy Rock Vol 1 Preview shots PDF: [Grassy Terrains PDF]( Rocks Vol 1.pdf)

I’ll definitely buy this first on the marketplace! :smiley:

Cheers Boompit, My aim is to wipe out my debts after being ill (£8000) which if i sell for $35 after Epic take their cut 30%, factoring in tax I think ill need to sell about 650 units. Then i can get to sleep, work on my projects. Need some result quickly even if only 25% of the target long term as 0% interest rate on 50% of those debts runs out in october, at that point there’s no way i can cover rent and bills. Trying to avoid being on the street at christmas.

50 Terrains with base maps and image editing file for each, 3d scene file’s that go with all the video tutorials from start to finish and my final lighting and shader setups within UE4 for $35 should mean i hit that goal long term if not short.

Appreciate your support though, Im not having a fun time of it right now.



Good luck! I really hope you do well with the sales! This is seriously really really really good work! :slight_smile:
P.S. Can’t wait to see it on the marketplace :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d totally buy it for that price, and that was before I heard your story, now I’ll definitely buy it.

I wanted to buy it from the start :smiley:

Awesome work! -Look forward to purchasing when available.


When is it going to be on the Trello page!? :frowning:

Have no idea, Warren Epics content curator contacted me to sell these on market place a good 5-6 weeks back now (even before people knew market place was coming, I didn’t contact Epic they contacted me). Been trying to get this sorted ever since, uploaded video tuts examples and map files to a dropbox account he setup for me to share with him for play time nearly 2 weeks back.

Then got an email from him saying actually maybe you should just go through the standard submission route now as we don’t want to be dealing with individual vendors (that was before i had uploaded the files to dropbox, tried to explain im on a wireless hotspot internet with max 45K upload so best idea would be posting the 50 terrain that weigh in at 45 GB direct. But after 2-3 days managed to get the example tuts and example map from the tuts uploaded to dropbox).

Then contacted me again saying he’s not trying to blow me off but very busy. Not heard a thing for 2 weeks. So decided right screw it ill submit through the normal market place page that’s now available, but only did that i think on Friday. Have to say im drained, each one of those 50 terrains just to create the base maps took about 5 hours each, then building the per terrain map composite file for 2d editor, then building the 3d scene files for each for baking maps direct for modified sculpted results and 3d scene file for each for now modified height map export to match modified terrain.

Then also the video tutorial series from start to finish of the whole process, for the $35 price tag it’s really 3-4 months of hours ive put into this , god knows what that turns out as income per hour at $35

Have to say the whole process has been painful at this point, I don’t want to be spamming Warrens email but im starting to think maybe i should drop him another mail.

Hey KingBadger3D, sorry for delays here, we’ve been heads down trying to get marketplace ready to launch today - We will be reaching back out to you ASAP!

Hey Chance,

I fully understand that Warren and your team are flat out. But im also needing to get this done ASAP, Im £8000 in debt on credit cards after 12 months of illness not long back so rent and bills are tough plus minimum payments that really don’t cut the debt, but worse 50% of that debt has been on a 0% which runs out in october.

At that point im really screwed if can’t get some extra income in to cover the extra costs, May sound dramatic but i don’t want to be spending Christmas on a park bench the sooner I can get this on the market the better chance I can cover bills. I may sell 1 pack, or I may sell 1000 but ive got to try after months being put into it.

If you need registration details of the terrain generation tool im using to prove it’s paid for and legit for me to use i have no problem with that, not had any contact at this point about what extra info would be needed. Again i know your all busy, but also understand the sooner we can get things sorted the more chance i have of sales before people have spent what limited money they have. And i NEED the slaes

Cheers KB

That’s unfortunate to hear, I wish you good fortune with this. I know you explained your reasoning for making it $35, but I don’t think it’ll break anyone’s bank if you made it around $50-60. That is a lot of content you are providing, not to mention the video tutorials. Good luck.

Make it around 50 - 60 dollars you are making allot of content :slight_smile:

Consider selling it on gum road in the mean time while epic gets things sorted out :slight_smile:

Then also start to finish video tutorials of the whole process for $30-35 dollars but this isnt set in stone yet (not even pounds) which epic will then take 30%, and i have to cover the tax cost isn’t a bad deal.

Video tutorials to go alongside this pack would help out greatly. Hard to find any content on this as it is.

For the amount of content this should really be priced at $50-$60 :slight_smile:

Cheers Guys, Im pretty determined to keep this as cheap as possible for the community. You say it wont break the bank for people, but i can tell you right now i couldn’t just spend that money willy nilly. Think maybe a good idea might be having a donate button attached so people can pay extra (what they feel the content is worth) if they can but still letting the one’s that are struggling like me still be able to purchase and learn.

It’s people like you guys that make me want to be part of a community and hence why i want to make it cheap and accessible by all.

Appreciated, Would be a big help if you guys could spread the word about this asset pack once it gets sorted out. Me pimping my own work has no value but users and customers doing it holds water. Thanks guys!, Cheers


Amazing, I will definitely buy it, I don’t know if I will be able to buy it immediately as my economy isn’t that great either, but I promise that I will buy it.

I thought I saw it last night but now I can’t find it on the marketplace. Did it get removed? I am interested in buying it.

Kingbadger3D - Take my money!

I want you to take my money :V