Hierachical Instance Static Mesh Instance

Hi all,

I often have to add several hundred objects to a scene that could really befit from being a part of one blueprint assigned to hierarchical instances.

For example, lets say a car that has all its geometry detached and is made of of sever hundred smaller objects, and i need to distribute it through my scene. Id like to have these localized to a single blueprint, and distributed using the blueprint alone.

Is there an easy way to assign several objects to one blueprint that are all added as hierarchical instance static meshes? Otherwise it will take me all day to assign each object to the blueprint, and make it a hierarchical instance.


Are they all the same mesh? A HISM is the same mesh and same material. So unless your car is made up of “hundreds” of the same mesh then you can’t use this method. Otherwise, if you are adding the same mesh then use the construction script and “for loop” or “while loop” to add the necessary instances.

Hey Thx for the advice!

Just to clarify, they’re all different smaller meshes, kinda like engineering data that make up one bigger object. To save me from going into max or something, and attaching all the tiny components to one object, I was looking for a way to add all these smaller objects (that make up the car; doors wheels, engine, windows etc) into ue4 directly, then add them all to one blueprint, all with their own HISM, then distribute that around as a single object, or multiple instances of that one group of smaller objects (does this make sense?).

It works in principle i think, the problem is; the only way i know how to do that is to painstakingly add each object to the blueprint, then drag each one out to create an instance in the creation script. as there are hundreds of objects that would take far too long, unless there is a simpler way to achieve this that I’m not aware of? Possibly with groups or something?

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As far as I know, what you are asking for needs to be done in your 3D modeling software. You create your entire “car” or whatever with the hundreds of individual parts and then you can import the whole thing into UE4 and create one blueprint out of it directly. As long as your car uses separate meshes in the 3D software they will be individual meshes at import. If you group them they will be imported as one mesh. If you have 100 individual meshes already you can import them all into UE4 and then you would have to individually add them to a blueprint (I tried selecting multiple meshes and adding to a blueprint didn’t work, must be one at a time). Once they are all inside a blueprint you can drag them all out as one “actor”. As for the HISM thing, again, you can’t do that with different meshes. Each mesh would be its own “HISM”. I am not sure that would save you any performance.