Hiding parts of an object?

Hi guys,

I’ve got a mountain static mesh that I’ve stuck a separate square block static mesh underneath its not pretty and want to hide the square block, will fog do the trick and how would I apply it?

I am struggling to understand what the problem is exactly. Why have you put a square block under the mountain mesh if you dont want to see it?

Hi Soma,

Sorry for the late reply, work is killing me atm,

After failing miserably with the custom depth nodes, I thought I’d try a more hamfisted approach by placing a block underneath my mountains to lift them up a bit and if only part of the block was visible it might give the desired effect, but it would admittedly look a bit poor.

I’m probably explaining this incredibly badly and YES i am an IDIOT.

I’m trying to remove parallax in the players field of view (ie the mountain must not change appearance regardless of how close a player is to it) with a mountain SM in my level thats about 2km away from a room (player movement restricted to15M2) with the player in, .

My meshes are probably not the best for this as they’re not simple or flat bottomed.

The only way it seems to do this is if the mountains are in the air above the wall which looks stupid or to increase their size and put them way off in the distance, with the latter theres a great deal of parallax evident, have a look at the attached images to show what I mean, the extra bits of the mountain circled red should either not be visible at both distances or visible at both distances :

close byCloseBy.jpg


At a distance

I’d really appreciate your help

There are "tricks"to fix this sort of problem, but I it is better to fix the root of the problem. Why dont you upscale your skysphere by alot, and then move the moutain further into the distance to remove the paralax effect? UE4 simulates 3D perspective perfectly, if you see paralax that dont want, it probably means the relative distances and sizes of things are not correct.

Ok I’ll try that, but is there a way to calculate or at least define relative distance and size needed for the objects?


Working in real world scale is usually a good practice. If you drag the default cube into your scene, I can tell you, that is 1mX1mX1m.
If you change the cube’s scale to 5, is will be 5mX5mX5m. You can use that as a reference.
So if you know the aproximate diameter of your mountain in the real world (I.E 9000 meters), you can scale the default cube up by 9000, and use that as reference for the size of the mountain.
Once the scale is correct, no matter how far, or close the mountain is, the paralax you are getting, is the same paralax you would see in the real world.

I want to remove parallax entirely, I think the mountain is 600 m by 600 m, also by cube do you mean sky sphere, as the cube was just a quick bodge that I don’t really want to use?

Apologies for the draw on your time, I really appreciate though.

Many thanks!

Im saying you can use the default cube from the list of primatives on the left, as a scale reference because you know it is 1 meter. you can scale that cube up to 600, and then scale your mountain up to match the size of that cube - now your mountain is 600 meters. Delete the cube after you have finished with it.

Also, A real mountain is is quite a bit more that 600m in diameter.

I think understand what your after - you want this mountain to sortoff be part of the skybox. A flat, unchanging image, that stays the same regardless of the players position.

Regarding the two images you showed in the first post… the parallax there is due to the distance between the end of the ground plane and the mountain. Tto remove that parallax, you’d need to make the ground plane stretch to the same location as the mountain.

Ah OK, Thanks for that.

With respect to the mountain, it doesn’t need to be realistic, just no parallax.

Thanks again

Yes thats exactly what I’m after.

But how do I stretch the ground plane to the mountain?

Additionally I’ve adjusted the skysphere to 10x scale, now I’m also getting a weird strobing effect of the mountain texture that wipes across the mountain as the player rotates (ringed) and some kind of tunnel vision effect (arrows) too:


Man I’m tearing my hair out!

oh lordy XD. those isssues are likely happening because your world size is too large/you have upscaled and distanced things too much. The ground plane can be your own 3D mesh; to make it stretch to thge mountain, just make it a crazy large scale.

Which 3d mesh?

Which 3d mesh did you mean?

Additionally, would it be a better idea to edit the sky sphere texture/material to add some mountains?

Although it appears the M Panning Sky material is completely blue, I don’t know where the horizon would be on this or where I should paint the mountains on the texture or indeed the size the mountains should be?