Hiding particles and location dependent of the emitter

Hey guys,

I’m currently trying to make a rain effect, but I have some troubles with the optimization.

I have an outdoor world but there are some buildings with high rooftops, and obviously I want my rain not to be falling inside thoses buildings.

So I thought I should place my particles very high and add a collision module which will kill the particle, and a pretty long lifetime.

It works pretty well, I don’t see my particles in the building, but there are two problems with that:

  • Particles are created far away from the player, he can see the particles only when they are close to him, so is there a way to make the particles appear only after a certain time?
  • My emitter is dependent of the player location, but not my particles. So if my player is moving, the time the particles are falling, the player will be far away. Like this: http://puu.sh/aurM3/cc962c54ce.jpg
    So is there a way to make my particles move along my emitter? Like they are dependent to its X and Y axis?

Thank you!

So after some research I found that Source Movement would fix my problem so my particles would move along my emitter.
The problem is that it works only for CPU particles, and not GPU particles… :frowning:

How can I use it with GPU? Any workaround?