Hiding level jumps to different tab

I found this unusual bug that appeared when I just upgraded to UE 4.18. When you click the hide button in your list of levels on the levels tab, it jumps to a different tab. Before this didn’t happen. I know it’s something very minor, but I figure it could become troublesome in the long term. I was able to reproduce this in a new project.


  • Create new project.

  • Go to the levels tab.

  • Add a new level

  • Hide the level.

Expected: It should remain on the same tab.

Result: It jumps to a different tab if there is opened. In this case, the details tab.

Hey I was able to reproduce this. I have logged it into Jira as a bug report and that number is JIRA UE-52164. Our Developers will investigate it further so please refer to the link for updates.