HideCategories Class Specifier Buggy

I’m sure there are many ways to show this specifier is buggy, however here is one.

Create a C++ class which inherits from ACharacter.

Create a blueprint which inherits that class.

Try and hide “Tags”, tags still shows up when it should be hidden.

Try and hide “Character Movement (General Settings)”, hides almost everything.

Try and hide “CharacterMovement”, hides almost everything when it should hide nothing.

Lots of others, but this should give you an place to start.

Hey Pumpy Bird-

There are a few considerations regarding the testing parameters. “Tags” is a property of the Actor category and cannot be specifically hidden with HideCategories. Attempting to hide CharacterMovement does seem to cause problems with the Details panel and has been bugged accordingly (UE-22847). However if you are trying to hide specific categories of the CharacterMovement Component it would be best to do so in its class rather than in your character class that inherits a character movement component.


Thanks for the follow up.