Hide/Unload sublevel being streamed

Hi, we’ve just implemented level streaming in our project. Thing is, we want to unload a sublevel on a trigger box, but since it’s being streamed by a streaming volume, unloading it just won’t work.

We tried:

  • Unload stream level
  • Set “Should Be Visible” to false
  • Remove the sublevel from every streaming volume we have (by removing the streaming level from the list of streaming levels) programmatically, but it seems we can’t modify the streaming levels list, it always returns false as a result from the remove.
  • We tried to “Get all actors from class” but it will always send the actors from the persistent level

None of these work. Anyone has any idea how we can stop a sublevel from streaming inside a streaming volume in an event, and then re-active it on a future event?

*We can’t just disable the streaming volume in which the level is, since the streaming volume loads other sublevels.


Hi, why not just remove that specific sub-level from level streaming volume? You can always load/unload that sub-level using blueprints.

Doing that would require a way more complex loading/unloading system. Each of our streaming volumes loads/unloads multiple sublevels, and each sublevels will eventually need to be unloaded and replaced by another sublevel, We’re trying to work with streaming volumes instead of blueprint, as it would save us a tremendous amount of time.

It’s probably what we’re gonna do nonetheless since I’m pretty sure no one’ll come up with a solution.