Hide "Sphere Reflection Capture" reflections on objects

We need urgently an option to hide Sphere Reflection Capture reflections for definite objects. At the moment I am trying to setup a good reflection for a car in a landscape environment. But it’s impossible to do this. I have to say that I have very high claims regarding the visual quality of my scene. When I found a nearly photo realstic reflection setup for my car I have big problems with my landscape : The Sphere Reflection Captures producing large white spots around the car on the street and my Global Reflection Capture produces an overexposed lighting on my foliage.

This is very annoying. Either I get a good lighting setup for my car or the landscape. Both together is impossible.

For this issue there is still a tracking code :

But there is no development. This feature is really very important for a professional light setups of complex, photo realistic scenes.

Best regards, Andreas