Hide 2D Sprites from camera component? (for a map)

Is it possible to hide 2D sprites from a Camera Component? I know you have this option with SceneCapture2D but can’t figure it out for the camera attached to my character.

I have a mini map set up with Scene Capture attached to my charter. I want to use 2D Sprites to mark locations on the mini map but do not want them to show to the player camera. I’m sure there is a simple solution to this, but cannot figure it out.

Any advise would be awesome!

I actually just found the solution for this! I created a Sprite Actor and set my player character as the owner of it and then set it to “owner no see”

I can now use this Sprite Actor in place as the regular Paper Sprite component!

If anyone has any other advise on this, please feel free to shine in. but for now this is going to work just fine.


Thank you very much! it worked for enemies as well!