Hi please help me!! :D

Please help me make waterfall animated material!!


type this

this UDK
1x1 duplicates this Unreal Engine 4 not work!

What isnt working? I remember making that waterfall for some asian ctf map back for ut3. It was a while ago but I dont recall anything crazy about the material.

course work,
except for one item ;):stuck_out_tongue:
there still CubeTexture necessary
but here it is not the same! :o
all the rest 1x1 :smiley:

udk materia this!


I still have spec textures



+original static FBX
sory for

type this!! :smiley:

Generally, a cubemap like that should not be required when remaking a mesh like this in ue4. Back in the day, lighting and reflections were very simple so each material had to implement its own reflections manually. Now with ue4, reflections should happen automatically from the roughness being low.

So the major thing that is needed here is to use a lerp node to blend between low roughness for the top water and high roughness for the foamy water.
But cubemaps and refllection vectors should work the same in ue4 in this case.

if you know how to do this
I ask to construct a circuit material !?
PLEEEEEASE :rolleyes: :o

Woooooooooooorc :smiley:

perfectly :smiley:


:smiley:why when there is a Cube Texture Metallic & Roughness! :smiley:
Sorry for my not correct english :smiley:

sorry for slow GIF
my CPU is very low speed! :frowning:

(How disable auto save :frowning: ??)