Hi, I'm really lost with how to set up this light any help?

I really don’t know how to fix this, my Sun has a day/night cycle, but for the most part will be static at the pick point and central of the map, that causes really dark shadows on straight objects.
if they are not directly hit by the light they are extremely dark.

I would like to get the sun to wrap around the object more, so the ‘‘walls’’ of the object become more bright, thanks!

Hi! - it looks good to me actually, but you can try increasing the skylight intensity.

Thanks for your help! I did try that but then makes the whole scene washed in white…maybe that pictures wasn’t the best, this one captures more what I mean, if you look at it, you will see that the top is looking bright wile the ‘‘walls’’ of the object are extremely dark, this is because the sun is at the middle on top, there’s gotta be a way to make that dark part more bright without making the whole level brighter, right?

I have to say, if it were me, I’d try and get the sides a bit darker :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re going for a sort of ‘flat’ look?

Another thing you can do, is make the material very ( very ) slightly emissive.

Check on your light and skylight mobility settings?

If your cycle is dynamic you probably need both to be movable.

this helps a bit, but still, the game has a Day/Night cycle, so when nights comes…well you know haha also I don’t have this problem when sun pointing sides, but still my problem is with objects shadows being too dark, not the once that are projected to the ground, the shadows that objects have

yeah, there is a Night/Day Cycle, and even tho this problem is ‘‘solved’’ for most of the time, I was still wondering if there is an option to make object shadowing more bright, make light wrap around the object more

Maybe when using LPV in .25
Otherwise, you may be better off just adjusting your skylight.

You also need to adjust the skylight during your cycle just like you do with your light.

In .26 the skylight re-captures at runtime, so it should almost always be good to go.

In .25 that’s not an option. So you can capture it around 12am at vertical sun (equator location) and the brightest the sun can be (summer equinox?). You then simply adjust the intensity and other options along with the rest of the cycle.

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Increase your indirect lighting setting

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