Hi, I'm literally brand new to modding, wondering where to start?

As the topic says, I’ve never modded before. I want to take a crack at learning how to mod ARK and I have a few ideas in my head as to what I’d like to do. The first mod I’d like to do is to change a recipe, but I’ve read that I’d have to just take an existing one, and turn it into a brand new recipe and add it to the game. When I tried, it worked in the dev kit, but I got a ton of warnings and errors when cooking, and I don’t quite understand why. So basically, I’d like to be pointed in the right direction as to where to start learning about modding so I can actually make some for a private server I’m on. Any help is appreciated.

Don’t worry about cooking warnings. Those are normal for the most part and happen when we cook mod content out. If you follow the guides provided in the stickied threads on here you shouldn’t have much if not any problems.

I’ve been watching the Salcarr’s modding tutorials and they’re super helpful. I want to crate a new recipe now, but I’m not exactly sure how I can apply it to existing recipes. Like metal walls. I want to change the requirement to metal, and a new item, but I don’t know how I would be able to apply it to all of the metal engrams, like walls, ceilings, and the like. Would I have to duplicate the existing engrams and change it from there? Or can I just change them in their existing folder without having to copy them?

Also, if I make a new engram, and I set it to have to be made in the fabricator, smithy, or mortar and pestle, why when I test it can I not see it? I’ve modified what I think is everything I have to. Like I made a new cementing paste. I added it to default inventory items, and default engrams in the mortar and pestle primal blueprint and everything. It never shows up when I test and it’s getting frustrating.

You would need to remap it in all the appropriate places that use that modified recipe. You would need to duplicate the existing engrams with the current state of things. I’d suggest potentially just holding off till the Total Conversion system is out, as I’m not sure how the work flow will be like at that point. As for it not showing up in tests, you need to make sure you added your own inventory component with the desired changes applied in there.

That’s what I thought I did. For example, I make an updated version of the cementing paste, called Epoxy. Or Advanced Epoxy, haven’t decided on what I want to do yet. It’s going to be used for metal, since the requirements for cementing paste are a lot, imo. The other requirement is that you need to make it in the Fabricator. So I made the primal for epoxy, with the engram. Set it to use the fabricator, then went made a copy of the fabricator and put it in my mod folder, added the extra slots for the epoxy recipe, and made sure everything was pointing toward the new fabricator, and the epoxy. In testing he epoxy can be learned, but it doesn’t show up in the fab. So I’m obviously missing something, but I can’t figure out what else needs to be changed.

I will probably wait for the Total Conversion mod though, it might make this a little bit easier to figure out.

More than likely it will make it easier, but I’m not certain.

Also, have you checked out this guide/howto/troubleshooting thread on adding new items to a structure for crafting, etc?

If not check that out and double check your files against his guide

It’s a very good guide, but it didn’t help me. I still can’t get the recipe to show up in the fabricator. I’ll just have to keep at it until I figure it out. Thanks for your help.

So when I use the reference viewer, this is the only thing I cannot figure out. I’ve copied everything else and set it up properly (I think), but this darn primal crafting blueprint… I have no idea how to set this one. At all.


if u check how they did gas and any building ull understand how it works