Hi! I was hoping to know if it's possible to make this place in UE architecture

you can modify the post effect settings either on world settings panel or from a post process volume, I don’t know which one you used in this project.

You can learn more about post process rendering effect from the official document or the training lessons I recommended before.

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I’ve Finished the overall setting of the place and have added fountains with Niagara.
The only issue left, is how to make the fountains change formations every few minutes, as well as adding a sound to it. I would also like to know how to loop the video in the screens to not turn black as soon as the video ends (The duration is 18 minutes)

Other than that, I would also like to make it so that the Niagara emitters can be rotated to make more formations.

Despite that, I would like to thank all of you for the assists and help you provided :wink:


Hi, there should be a loop option for the in-game screen video in its detail panel,

about the ambient sound, the official ContentExample project or the blank template
provides some audio actor, you can reuse it by replacing the music source.

I’m still not familiar with the emitter system yet,
but instead of controlling a complex of a sequence movement in one emitter,
maybe you can combine multiple emitters with different start and end life-time.

btw. the whole color tone in the video looks a lot better and more smoother, nice job!

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It looks great!

As @zefreestijl implied, using different emitters for different formations is a good idea. With Niagara, you could make a Niagara Emitter for each formation, then include them all in the Niagara System, which starts and ends them seemlessly.

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Hi. Thank you for the responses. I actually figured out the looping video issue not long after writing this. About using different emitters,I still don’t understand how to use it properly. Nevertheless,thank you so much for the replies :grin:


Is there any way to stop lagging from the Niagara Particles?

Here’s more progress :grin:

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