Hi! I was hoping to know if it's possible to make this place in UE architecture

And what are the material/tools needed? I’ve just learned the basics like blueprints and how to move objects so any help would do. Thanks for reading!

You’ll need:

  • A 3D modelling editor (like Blender (free), Maya, etc.)
  • A 2D image editor suitable for making textures (such as GIMP (free) or Photoshop).
  • Experience in both, so you can make models, textures, UVs, etc.

The process for making that would be:

  • Create the base models for each object
  • Unwrap the UVs
  • Create textures for each model that correspond to the UV maps (diffuse, roughness, metallic, etc.)
  • Once it looks good in the 3D editor, import it into Unreal Engine, and create the scene there
  • Create particles for the fountains and compose a particle system in Unreal Engine for it.

You could also consider getting materials from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, if you don’t want to make everything yourself.

It could take a lot of time to make that scene if you’re just starting out.

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Thanks for the reply. It helped a lot and I managed to do a few things in 2 days.
The only issue I have is that I want to make it have a first person view without the characters, like in this video

I would also like to know how to add lights as I have watched many tutorials without a solution (Because it’s quite new to me)

And is it possible to move the whole level to another project? Thanks!

@anonymous_user_7c6c0024 Hi,
you can either migrate the related resources from other sample project you’ve studied,
which contains 1st person controller and its BP_character,
you also need to import the project input settings (ASDW etc.)

or simply created the new project with the 1st person template
and then copy your model into it.

I strongly recommend you can sign up and enroll the free lesson in learn.unrealengine.com website.

and then search for the title: “Welcome to Architectural Visualization”
This tutorial will teach you how to create 1st person game environment and rendering knowledges.

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For doing that in 2 days, that looks really great! :grin:

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Thank Youu!

Thanks! I appreciate it :wink:

You’re welcome

If you look on the left side of the Unreal Editor screen, you can see the “Place Actors” panel. In it, there is the “Lights” section. Drag out of that menu to place lights in your scene.

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(zefreestijl may have solved this for you already)
I’ve never tried it, but there is the ArchVisCharacter plugin built into the editor. That’s probably what you’re looking for.

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I solved the First Person view. Thanks Again!
And the only issue left is that weird jitter in the pool. Any idea how to fix it?

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Very nice!

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@anonymous_user_7c6c0024 Nice work!

If you mean the flicker meshes,
that’s because of multiple models been placed at the same location,
just nudge one of them a little bit will solve it.

just a small advice,
maybe you can enable the auto exposure or add more Indirect lightings
to decrease the brightness contrast in the scene.

anyway, this is good enough for the first trying. Good job!

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Thank you!

Fun Fact: The flicker is called “Z-fighting”.


I nudged all of them but It still does that. I also tried searching many ways in YouTube with no luck at all

And it appears only after I build lighting

Then it it’s most likely a problem with the Lightmap UVs. You should research how to fix bad lightmap UVs.

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Hi, did you try hiding each of the items one at a time, to be sure the items not overlap at all?

or maybe check the shader’s complexity:

green is okay, warm color like yellow and red is too dense.

but as Nacho said, you should always check your lightmap’s situation:
same as the shaders checkmap, warm color may cause performance issue.
and blue is too loose (but still acceptable on lager project for me though)