Hi i want to make a game of football

what I do not want to be a fifa nor if not something basic pes to play with friends and have laughs
but I want to do this video

Ok? That’s a cool goal. Do you need help or something?

yes help :smiley:

Well, your question is a bit vague. If you’re looking for help, try to do as much work as you can to attract others to help you out.

If you just want the code/blueprint for that, try to ask the creator of that video for his work, explaining that you just want to use it with your friends.

Otherwise, if you’re serious about learning how to do it on your own, try to break down the functionality of the football game into smaller technical questions you could ask .

Best of luck.

EDIT: If you’re looking for help, you might find more success on this forum: https://forums.unrealengine.com/forumdisplay.php?25-Got-Skills-Looking-for-Talent