Hey guys, a little help understanding this shader?

Hiya guys, i’m trying to understand what does this shader has (as features) that make it work like it works.

Now, all the physic part, like creating the reactive water, are already solved, but i’m trying to understand the artistic part.

Now, the approach that i did to this, it’s pretty simple, and i’m sure there could be beter ways to solve this. I decided to go with a mesh that has a front face and a top face.

The front face, has a base color (and a simple texture, that i’ll be replacing most probably). I added refraction for giving underwater elements the wavy feel. With the DepthFade I change the opacity of the face so farther elements look darker (as they are obstructed by a lot more water than the other). All the art there is pretty much a placeholder.

The top face is the one that gives me problems. The main idea would be to understand how one would approach the creation of that water surface (on an unlit game), and go from there. and maybe see how devs more versed on material creation would fare against this issue

Thanks for the responses!