Hexagon Grid Based Board Game

Hello, I have come to the forums in hopes of finding a way to better create a game I have been working on with another classmate of mine. We have been working on a project that involves a Hexagon Grid, with 61 hexagons that form a large hexagonal area. I have attempted to use C++ codes while working in Blueprint to find the best solution to how to create the project and I had found that another person had created an Axial Hexagon Grid and I had tried to replicate it. I had little success with it until I found out how to properly utilize C++ Code with Blueprint.
Now that I have created this grid using Instanced Meshes, I realized that I actually need to have these Grid Tiles as a Blueprint to change them from one object to another, or so I assume.

Now I’m at an impasse as to what I should really do and how I should best create this game. The concept of the game is the player must click on hexagon tiles they are next to in order to claim “land” and these tiles can either be Plains, Forest, Water, Mountain, or Desert, each with their own unique effect. The player challenges the AI or another Player and when their tiles meet, they begin to do “battle” so that the tiles can be destroyed to then be claimed.

I’m trying to decide if I should simply make a large grid with 61 different hexagon tile blueprints set as Void until clicked on, or if I should utilize a grid. The problem is I lack understanding as to how a Hexagon Grid works in Unreal and if I can make a procedural one using actors. And I am not sure if I could just use Collision Detection or Overlapping Volumes to determine if the tile is next to another tile and is therefore clickable. Also, would it be better for this type of game to use Pathfinding, or should I stay away from Pathfinding? The game souly relies on the player targeting connected hexagons, so I feel like I could get away with collision, but then what about the AI? Or should I keep this as just a 2 player game?

Ugh, it’s kind of been wracking my brain for weeks now, and I’m at a lost now. T_T
I would like to continue this project if I could, especially since we have most the art assets completed. :confused: