Here is a FIX for having to push PLAY (for VR Preview) twice every time! & request for help :)

It has always annoyed me that I would push PLAY (for VR Preview) go to reach for my RIFT, only to have to go back to the machine, push stop and play again, only THEN it would work (the first time it would POP up the VR mirror window, BUT the Tracking would not engage.) It would never take 3 times, and never One time, so I knew it was something specific, a setting etc. I recently wanted to stop Oculus HOME from loading every time a VR app was loaded, or Steam VR made a call, so I figured out you just set the SHortcut (or the actual file ) called OculusCLient.exe to ‘start’ or ‘run’ as ADMINSTRATOR, You just right click the file, Properties, then Compatibility page, then make a check mark in Start as Adminisrator. I found out it had this great UNREAL effect,
After getting out of bed during a small break in my depression today, I decided to give my UNREAL Bounce problem one last try, (after 8 weeks of ‘hitting a wall’ LOL Wall joke) to see if anyone had offered helpful help. . or if I could maybe hit upon the answer randomly,…but another 7 days gone and no help… No luck… While trying, I NOTICED THAT MY VR PREVIEW OPENS and Works on the FIRST TRY every time now :slight_smile: Cool! At least I got one thing working better…

If this helped anyone, and you know about BLUEPRINTS and would like to help me out of this massive near suicidal depression, (My game will have to be shelved soon!) then please help with my SMALL BOUNCE PROBLEM, I just want my character to do a little Bounce against the wall etc. lose a little momentum and continuing in the same relative direction of travel, Like any normal little bounce,. BUT without physics, Using physcs here, messes up my ZERO -G Part ofht e travel. ( you freeze in the air!)

This bounce, it can be so simple! I can almost do it myself with a ‘Set Physics Linear Velocity’ after bounce, as you can see in the Blueprint, (the Bottom Row of the opening blueprint’ SEQUENCE, and entry number 3 at the bottom is for the Character Movement, but the bounce I get, always goes in a set direction, I need it to go in a Relative direction, like a normal bounce., (You bounce and keep going the ‘way’ you were you know? ) unless you come in at 90° to the surface and then maybe you wouldbounce back the way you came?!! :slight_smile: ,.

Here is my Blueprint, everything works except the bounce direction!!


MightyEnigma gaveme this clue:

“Why not just set velocity to the direction the character is facing, or perhaps the impact normal between that and the wall they’re pushing on, and multiply by a number that represents the strength of the push?”

But being new to Blueprints, (I am an Artist and Character Animator)_ that above seems like Hieroglyphincs or ancient greek to me :slight_smile:


Robert from NextWorldVR