Help with using Reflection Vector for Window Highlights

Hi, I’ve pretty new to unreal engine but I’ve decided to work with some others on a game! However I’ve been trying to work on a stylized window highlight for a bit now and I’m running into this issue. When I move the camera, the scale of the highlights (the lines) change and I want them to be at a constant scale. I’m using a reflection vector and connecting it into a UV with a texture with lines Processing: 2021-11-23 23-23-25.mp4…

in order to create the effect. When I tried looking into the documentation I didn’t see anything about camera position, I only saw camera direction. My original guess on how to fix it was messing around with the Camera Position and absolute position and multiplying it by the reflection vector to have it scale and keep it constant as you move the camera. Although that slowed the effect, it didn’t fix it. I was wondering if anyone knew why this was happening and a direction I could go to fix it? I’m not necessarily looking for a simple copy/paste answer or anything, I just wanna understand why it’s happening and how I can go about tackling this problem!

Thank you everyone!