Help with UE 4.25 Landscape material blend

Hello everyone!

I’ve got a question. I’ve made a material for my landscape where I blend two materials and use tesselation. But I’ve encountered so many problems with it, some amongst these two:

1.** Anything but having the layers be “LB Alpha Blend” makes the material turn black. **I don’t know why this is, but I’d love it if anyone out there could help me resolve it, because it’s been bugging me a lot. Also, while using the LB Alpha Blend kinda works, it makes the result come out sub-par. Anyone got any thoughts/ideas as to why it is like this?

*Using LB Height Blend on the 2nd layer, using LB Alpha Blend on the 1st. Fun times.

Using LB Alpha Blend. It’s an improvement, but it’s still not looking good. What is that weird outline between the two materials, and how do I remove it?

It’s probably something really simple that I’ve overlooked, idk. But please save me.

Here is an example of one of the “nodes” when both are set as LB Alpha Blend:

Thanks in advance! Sorry if anything’s unclear, please ask me any questions! I just wanna solve this issue so I can learn and fix it.

It’s hard to tell because your material pic is so small, but I think you’ve got the material wired up wrong.

Try this tuut, he goes into great detail on how to blend height and using tessellation:

If it shows up black, you might have exceeded the number of available samplers. Goto your texture-sampler nodes and change them from “from: texture” to “shared:wrap”.