Help with turning a Curvature map into a mask for edge wear

Help with turning a Curvature map into a mask for edge wear.
Working on something with lots of very similar assets, i’m trying to build a master material that can handle the edge wear, dirt grime etc.
The title pretty much says it, i want to turn a curvature map into an alpha, then combine that with a noise map of some sort, to create edge wear for a master material.
anyone have any idea how to do this within the material? thankyou!

Edit: If it helps, the overall plan is to have this Material generate the edge wear, rust and cavity/dirt based off of the Cuvature and AO and custom grunge/noise maps. The material is metallic, with painted surfaces, and obviously rust and dirt too, so ideally i’d like to manipulate the roughness and metalness too.

That’s (more or less) entirely the point of ‘Substance Designer’. Have you looked into it, and decided against using it for some reason?

Hey scribbler!
Yes I’ve tried SD out, however it’s out of my price range as a student.
I’ve managed to get the Edge wear to a stage where it works and i’m happy with it. Here’s a comparison between the my material on the left, and a texture i made in DDO on the right.



I’m actually happier with my edge chipping than i was with the stuff baked out from ddo

I’m now trying to work out how to restrict/mask the grunge on my material.
I don’t want to have to paint custom masks if i can help it. Does anyone know if there is a node that can blur the image? it’s the only way i can think of adding more depth to the edge chips and also for creating the mask for the grunge and rust.