Help with transparent water drop decal?

I’ve been playing around with decals today. I want a subtle water droplet. I’m halfway there.


Pictured above is the same decal, in the same space. I like how it looks on the grey tile - totally transparent, basically just the bump and roughness affecting the material underneath. I’m less impressed with how it looks on the wood (it’s target area). I’m confused as to why it looks so different from surface to surface.

So, how could I go about making a totally transparent base color, while retaining the normal and roughness map? Currently, the material is set to deffered decal/translucent with a solid black base color (anything else looks like milk or paint).


Have you tried the Dbuffer decal project setting (also requires movables in early Z pass and movables type set to both opaque and masked) and using the decal mode DBuffer_Normal_Roughness?

You could try switching to DBuffer Decals and use “DBuffer Normal, Roughness” as your decal blend mode.

Thanks guys! That worked great - I had actually tried the DBUffer before, but didn’t realize I had to change project settings. I looks much better now.