Help With translucent Material on imported mesh, Please? :(

Hello everyone!

I have been getting this issue… and after days searching on google about it apparently no one else has ever had it or heard about it. I’m not sure if this is the right place on the forum, But I’m really out of ideas :frowning:

So In short:
When importing a custom mesh (FBX; Obj; Etc.) into unreal and applying any Translucent material, The object goes back to the default gray checker pattern and it doesn’t show any translucency. It only works again when setting the material back to opaque. But obviously with no Translucency.

Things that I have done:

  • The mesh IS properly UV mapped.

  • Used the basic Glass material that comes on the starter content. It Doesn’t work on my imported mesh but it does work on any geometry created inside unreal. For example applying in the default cube shape it works.

  • Tried creating a custom material. Changing from opaque to Translucent and applying my texture RGB to Base color and Alpha to Opacity. It still wont work on my imported mesh (Changes back to default Gray checker box) But it will work on a default cube shape.

  • I’ve tried installing both unreal 4.26 and unreal 5.0 and the same issue happens on both.

  • Tried on basic cubes and cylinders exported from Blender and also from 3Ds Max in multiple different ways (Objs and FBXs) (With proper Uv’s) And they all have the exact same issue when importing to unreal. I can’t apply the translucency.

  • Tried creating new projects too…And nothing

What Should I do? Anyone has any ideas? This should be something so simple, But for some reason I can’t find anything about it anywhere…