help with tiling

Okay so I am very new to game design. Just starting. I am trying to learn unreal 4 by making a city street with a waterway through it, rather steampunk. I had run into this problem before but it happened again and I cant find anything on the internet about it. I applied a texture to a box and it seems stretched instead of tiling, looking natural. Everyone else on youtube seems to just plop it down and the textures are there and perfect. I have used a Texture Coord box in my materials thing (again I’m new). If anyone can help please do. I will include pictures. I cant seem to make it look antural you see

Screenshot (8).jpg
Screenshot (9).jpg

I’m new as well. It might not stretch if your ground is a square rather than a rectangle.

Make the tiling in TexCoord node uneven instead of 60x60 what you have right now.

alright. ill try that actually. thanks!