Help with Target Layer

I need help if anyone has had these i don’t have a Target layer on my Paint landscape like the snow ,rock,grass etcwit hte plus on the side of it. It jsut empty i clicked on it and notihng shows.

Same for me in 4.74. No landscape target layers in the Modes panel. TrgLayIss.jpg. Have you solved it out?

I tried to do it according this tutorial:
managed to get the layers but am unable to assign materials to those layers. Choosing a material in Content Browser and clicking ‘use selected ■■■■■ from content browser’ doesn’t work. Also in Details of Landscape Layer Info Object, grass, dirt, snow I can choose or create a Phys Material but not the ordinary one. I am new to UE4 so those questions may sound stupid, sorry for that, but i’ll try to help when i’ll be an expert:)