Help with stock textures

So I have imported my buildings I made in Maya. I did the automatic mapping, and used “layout” to have Maya spread them in the UV editor the “best” possible way. I checked with a checker pattern before hand and everything looked good.

But then when I through import the image into Unreal 4 and apply one of the stock textures (which look like they are 1024 or 2048’s) they turn out looking gigantic on my mesh.

Any idea how I can scale the texture down? Everything I google search doesn’t give me the answer.

see attached photo

you can use a “texture coordinate” node in the material to adjust the tiling of your texture.

Huh, alright never used that before. Just start using unreal 2 weeks ago. let me see if I can find that!

  1. right click - search for texture coordinate
  2. connect it with the uv from your texture sample
  3. go into the properties of the coordinate node and change the values :slight_smile:


First thoughts upon opening that up… “Oh ****” scratches head lol

hmm I don’t notice a difference, what did I do wrong?


Connect it with all texture samples → normal map, diffuse map, the green bump map,… After that choose a new value + press the green “apply” button at the top of the window :slight_smile:

Is there a special node I need to drop in there to make it connect to more than 1? The text Coord only has 1 … “String?” or “line”

You can connect it with several other nodes -> just drag it out a 2nd time and connect it with another node :slight_smile:

Oh cool! I think it worked! Well its working on my imported meshes, but on the walls that I built with a BSP box now its messed up on those haha

This is making me excited to learn all this!

Thanks a ton =) !!

Test 2.jpg

The one thing I noticed though, was I removed the bump map completely =\

Wait a sec. I thought you created your own material ^^ -> when you use the brick material from the starter content, you will have to use the texture coordinate node which you can find behind the “bumpoffset” node. This will scale everything. :slight_smile:

This little box I made that I connected to all 3 that I showed in the image is a Texture Coordinate

Okay, deleted I one I made and used the one you are talking about behind the bumpoffset