Help with shadow cascade distance?

How can I have a higher resolution shadow when I’m further away from my tree? It seems like I have to get too close to the shadow to get the higher resolution shadow to fade in,
I’d like to see the higher resolution version when I’m further away

[I’m using fully dynamic realtime lighting for my project and no baked lightmapping]

I tried using some console commands for cascades from the scalibility reference here
but they did not seem to do anything,
Am I only able to use the commands by putting them in the ini files before I start the engine and not from the console command window while im using it?

Or is there another easier way?


What you’re seeing is the transition between static and dynamic lighting. This is the way Stationary lighting works. I can see in your video that the shadows say “Preview” indicating lighting is not build. You will want to do this before you see proper results. :slight_smile:


I’m trying to have all realtime dynamic lighting and not have to bake because I’m working on a really large outdoor area,
Is there a way without having to build lighting?

Change your light mobility to Movable and you’ll have fully dynamic lighting.