Help with replication


I’m struggling to get replication working on some actors. I am trying to draw a simple spline mesh from point A to point B. Here is my setup:

I am using UE 4.25 and Online Subsystem NULL over LAN
The actor is owned by the player controller and I have the actor itself set to replicate


The spline mesh component is attached to the root and is also set to replicate


Then in the blueprint, I check if the actor is running on the server or the client, using “Switch has authority”
If it is the server, I run a multicast event
If it is the client, I run an event on the server, which then runs the multicast event

and finally, the multicast event sets the start and end point of the spline.

Replication from server to client works as expected and both players see the spline updating correctly, but client to server does not work and the spline does not update.