Help with rendering a recorded level sequence

Hi all, I’ve just started learning the sequencer tool. The tool itself is pretty awesome. I’m amazed with all the endless possibilities the tool provides, however I am kinda stuck with rendering a movie of a recorded level sequence. I’ve set my firstperson character as the “actor to be recorded”. I set this after spawning my first person character in the level, by pressing shift+f1 to exit my cursor out of the game, allowing me to open the sequence recorder tool.

After recording the level sequence, I open it in sequencer tool, make necessary edits. When I am ready to render the movie, I notice that, it doesn’t render the firstperson camera from the level sequence, instead it plays in the editor and start recording that.

Here’s is what my sequencer looks like

If you notice I don’t have a camera track for my character. I am not sure how I can get a reference to the camera of the recorded level sequence.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

EDIT : Got this figured out. It was just a matter of adding a camera and then selecting the actor, in my case it was my first person character.