Help with quixel megascans

Hi! so, UE4 and megascans have joined forces and i have a slight problem with the surfaces.
i chose a material that looked good in bridge, but when i stick it to a landscape it looks different
than in the bridge.
for example:

please help me solve it TT

Keep in my that a lot of factors will change the look of a material in UE4…

All materials you see in Bridge or Mixer are tessellated, thats something you can replicate in UE4 with a tesselation or POM Material.

Good lighting will also contribute to a better look of your materials in UE4, use all common lighting techniques to achieve your desired look. You will find a ton of toturials on youtube, from simple lighting up to HDRI lighting in UE4.

Last important note, UE4 is using TAA as standard antialiasing methode. TAA does a good job, however it will blur you textures so you wont get/see the same level of detail as in the mixer or bridge previews.

Something i forgot to mention, keep also your pixel density in mind. If you are using 2x2 Meters Scans on a 10x10 meters surface, without tiling your material, of course it will look horrible.

It’s hard to tell what’s even going on in your example. Are you using the correct textures? Can you show your material setup? It looks like you might be using the wrong textures or in the wrong inputs.

Sometimes Megascans can be corrupted or just incorrect, but Quixel is pretty quick to address those issues. Take a look at the source textures to be sure.

Also it’s worth pointing out that their example images, last time I saw, have numerous tweaks to make them look better and won’t be identical to using the textures as is.