Help with porting a VR PC game to Android

I joined a game dev group in college in the middle of development of a PC VR game and they have tasked me to port it to Android, so you can use something like Google Cardboard or any third-party mobile VR adapter and experience the game on the go.

I managed to package the app and run it successfully with accelerometer controls on my phone, however, I can’t get it to have stereoscopic vision so it’ll work with the headsets. (I understand that the correct way to do it is with gyro controls, I plan to implement them once I have stereoscopic vision.)

I assumed I have to turn the VR plugins on on UE, but whenever I package the app with the Google VR plugin enabled the app simply doesn’t open. It doesn’t even pop up and then out, just straight up says it stopped responding. In the UE emulator everything runs fine.

I have tried to look up a solution online but nothing seemed to work. I also tried other stereoscopic games on my phone to make sure they ran at all and they all seemed to work fine.

I would really appreciate some help on what I could do, but keep in mind I’m relatively a UE newbie.