help with Optimize my mapgame I have FPS 4-8 Too low

Hi, I really appreciate if anybody can help me, I have a big project, is one map for video game, so, I need some
tips on how to optimize, the time of rendering, please check my DXDIAG, I have a better machine, but I prefer to optimize on a limited machine to run really good on a great machine, Really Thanks for your comments.

To get a better perfomance, in general, you can check this tips that I know

If your meshes, foliages etc are already low poly it helps a lot.

*You can change the scalability settings in the editor, customize them to get the better graphic/perfomance you want.

*Using the World Composition to your landscapes levels.

*Study about level streaming, see tutorial here: UE4 Level Streaming | A Blueprint Tutorial by Devin Sherry - YouTube

*Uses culling to all your meshes and folliages (You can find it under LOD settings of the actor in your lvl, change the Max distance, you can see this feature working under play or “GameView”

*Reduces the textures resolution.

*Try to use static shadows, it takes a while to build, but it has better perfomance than movable shadows. If you need to use movable shadows, than take a look at cascaded shadows to improve perfomance.

*Try not to use too much post processing features, like DephOfField.

*Always has a LightmassImportanceVolume and PrecomputedVisibilityVolume.

Keep trying and trying. Good luck!


Hey .

Really Thanks for your Answer, your answer has much points, for me is a proof that you want to help me, really Thanks I will check this and I will let you know, Have a great Day!!!