Help with Oculus Quest!

Hello. Im using the Oculus Quest, but the hands arent following the orientation of the player/headset! (It works with Vive)
We have some screenshots, where you can see hands in Unreal arent synched with the real orientation from the headset. You can see how the Oculus Quest controllers are in the position the hands in unreal should be:

We are using the base configuration from Unreal with VR Motion Controllers, that include “Oculus HMD”. This next image has a section of the blueprint that we have asured that it is reached during execution. BUT for some reason the Motion Controller doesnt have the rotation snapped or something. The setup DOES WORK with HTC Vive Pro.

So we are a bit lost in how to resolve this, we are testing more stuff but its weird that the orientation on the controllers isnt being set in unreal. We have tried other games using Oculus Quest and the rotation works fine 360.