Help with Navmesh Invoker on Player Character

This is a bit of a follow-up to my [last question][1].

I decided to go with navigation Invokers, however they are not working when I try to set up my Player Character as an Invoker. To try and get around this I created a “fake Invoker” which is just a an actor that is set up as an invoker and attached that to the player on start. I can see the Navmesh updating correctly in the game but it will not actually traverse across the new updated navmesh.

Ideally I could use some help on figuring out why the player character will not work as an invoker but I would be happy if I can get the Fake Invoker working as well. The attached images show what I have in the Fake Invoker BP. For the player I use the same Register Invoker set up. I also made sure to add the navigation invoker component to the actor.

I am looking up the other posts on invokers but so far nothing has worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.